Self Pwn


What is Self Pwn ('Self Own')?

Self Pwn is a daring work of internet shock site art that pushes photography to the limits. The model in this piece is unknown. The artist's surprising use of the human form and large black phallus have ensured that this work has achieved significant notoriety. The daring and unconventional use of the background and remarkable handling of light make this image an instant hit. If you find this image confronting and thought provoking, perhaps you need to have a look at the other works over at LOLShock.

What does Self Pwn mean?

Self Pwn (or Self Own) is a term that is used to indicate an incident in which an individual has performed an action that backfires and results in their own humiliation. The relevance of this term is clear - the individual in the phot is 'pwning' himself in the mouth with his large black phallus.

I can has penis burger?

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